EffiSpray Web Application

EffiSpray is an online tool that informs its users of the ideal spraying day and hour, based on innovative weather data processing. EffiSpray calculates, depending on weather conditions (air temperature, air humidity, wind speed etc.) the ideal day and hour for spraying, making predictions for the next five days. Usage of EffiSpray predictions, contributes significantly to the increase of plant protection products efficiency and to the reduction of the spraying applications number per growing season. Through the application, the producer can see both the map and the table the right time to spray for any area of ​​interest in Greece.

Visit www.effispray.gr/en to find the perfect conditions for your area.

With EffiSpray, the producer can be informed directly and quickly about when the time is right to spray, thereby reducing the risk of spattering the spraying mist due to adverse weather conditions and, consequently, increasing the efficiency of the spray. The application is suitable for agronomists and for the Rural Economy and Veterinary Offices for each regional unit of Greece, in order to inform the producers in a timely manner of the appropriate spraying time. The international version of the tool has also been developed, which can be used by the user at https://www.effispray.gr/en, to cover the global needs of producers for information on the correct spraying time.

In the video below you can see EffiSpray’s interactive map, easily find the area of interest, where, by clicking on it, you can view the spraying calendar with the timeslots that are optimal for applying spraying operations for the following 5 days.