EffiSpray Aim

Effispray is a revolutionary research project, funded through the program «Research – Create – Innovate» called upon to address the significant social challenge of optimizing pesticide application in orchards and vineyards.

It is based on the utilization of meteorological data, suggesting to farmers the ideal time for spraying, as well as the optimal settings of all technical parameters.

Affordable Smart Farming Services

EffiSpray makes it possible for the average Greek producer, to implement precision farming services, increasing his production and competitiveness, regardless of the technology and age of his equipment, as it exploits the existing one.

Using EffiSpray the producers achieve:

Pesticide Savings

Up to 50% reduction of the applied pesticides.

Fuel Savings

Up to 30% less fuel/energy consumption.

Less Water Needs

Up to 50% savings on the amount of water.

Production Increase

Up to 10%, generating additional income for producers.

Prediction of Pesticide Application

One of EffiSpray‘s innovative features, is weather forecasting combined with a precise spray time calculator, aimed to inform producers for the ideal time window of achieving optimal spraying.

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Ideal Spray Time Calculation

EffiSpray collects data from weather stations and external weather forecasting services, such as wind speed, temperature and rainfall.

The collected weather conditions data and meteorological forecasts are analyzed by algorithms developed to calculate the ideal spraying time. As a result the user can see and choose the ideal spraying time for this day or the next 5 days, achieving the optimum spraying.


More effective and economical treatment of diseases.
Productivity improvement while reducing the environmental impact.
Increase the competitiveness of producers by introducing them into precision farming.
It helps the producers comply with the European Union Directive 2009/128/ EC on the reduction of the risks and effects of pesticide use on human health.

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